EMC Testing and Analysis of Electronics Units Webinar


Many aircraft and equipment applying for certification have a military background or have a dual use (civil and military). Consequently there is a need for equipment level testing to military requirements as well as civil (FAA) requirements. NIAR will discuss the expansion of their testing capabilities to include military specifications, as well as their support of industry committees that are developing standards for comparison of military requirements to those of civil (DO-160G) requirements. Likewise, NIAR will discuss the importance of design analysis/simulation to ensure that the equipment under test passes – testing is best used for verification/validation, and not used for “discovery”. The primary focus for this webinar will be on electrical/electronic equipment and environments.



Tim McDonald, PhD is the President of Electro Magnetic Applications where he has implemented new system-modeling approaches to simulate the interaction of systems and their electronics with electromagnetic environments in a shorter time, with more accuracy, and at a lower cost. He is a consultant to NASA and DoD major primes for specialty engineering of critical systems, development of novel solutions to EMI/EMC problems, and in the execution of major programs that require verification to electromagnetic environmental effects.

Ernie Condon is a Senior Research Engineer at Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research with 30+ years of experience in the aircraft industry in the design, certification, and testing of aircraft, including many years as a DER. Ernie has extensive experience with HIRF/Lightning certification of carbon fiber aircraft. He has contributed to the development of industry standards, RTCA SC-135, SAE AE-4, in electrical bonding, HIRF, lightning, and state-of-the art analysis techniques for electromagnetic effects.

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