Internal Charging

Topic: EMA3D-Internal: A Comprehensive Platform for 3D Internal Space Charging


In this webinar, we present the newly developed fully 3D internal space charging software tool: EMA3D-Internal.  Spacecraft charging is a well-known problem for space vehicles.  Advanced evaluation of spacecraft charging threats to a particular mission can inform design and drastically reduce the risk for space programs.  We present a new tool, EMA3D-Internal, for performing a thorough evaluation of spacecraft internal charging risks.  The tool can be run entirely from the graphical user interface and allows geometry import and development from within CADfix, an advanced CAE platform.  The user can specify an arbitrary and realistic radiation spectrum, such as what might be obtained using the AP9/AE9 framework.  In the webinar, we will demonstrate applications of EMA3D-Internal for realistic mission environments, showing the steps involved in importing and preparing the model, running the simulation and analyzing results.

Webinar Video:

 internal space charging