CADfix for Geometry Import

EMA CADfix can Import and Prepare Models for EM Simulation
The EMA framework includes a customized version of the CADfix package from ITI Trancendata that is capable of importing geometry from all major CAD formats. The analyst can add salient EM features, such as seams, and mesh the geometry for EM simulation.

CADfix for EMA3D screenshot

EMA3D Includes CADfix for Model Import, Repair, and Defeaturing

CAD Reuse to Shorten Engineering Design Cycles 
With ever shortening product design cycles, the emphasis on simulation tools to provide timely results to drive the design is greater than ever. This pressure dictates that EM analysis be driven off the master model CAD data. CAD provides the geometry but a great deal of analysis time is still spent working with the geometry to prepare it for analysis.

CADfix is uniquely positioned in the CAD to CAE data flow with its ability to read and write multiple geometric formats, repair and heal poor quality geometry and de-feature and simplify complex geometric definition. In the end, CAE analysts are starting with much more robust geometric definitions for their analytical needs.


Screenshot of aircraft geometry simplification

CADfix includes automatic defeaturing tools

Repair and Defeaturing 
Through a user-friendly Wizard interface, the geometry repair and preparation process ensures that the model is correctly defined and suitably flavored for downstream simulation by detecting and repairing a range of CAD geometry issues. CADfix also offers model de-featuring utilities which are very popular with CAE analysis users who require automated de-featuring operations (i.e. joining or collapsing of short edges and small faces, removing fillets and rounds, removing holes, etc.).