EMA3D for EMC – A Powerful EM Solver for Everyone

A Powerful EM Solver for Everyone

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EMA3D has over 30 years of validation heritage from programs all over the world. It is the most mature FDTD solver on the market with all modern features included.

EMA is proud to introduce a new EM simulation software package: EMA3D for EMC. It is available for everyone with an affordable subscription model.

EMI and EMC groups are constantly challenged to estimate the EM levels in complex systems. This includes, for example, the shielding effectiveness of enclosures, how fields couple to cables and how much interference can escape an enclosure.

Simulation is a solution to many design and verification challenges. However, there are drawbacks to existing tools. Many EMI and EMC groups avoid simulation or relegate it to only a dedicated groups because the software packages are not suited to their needs.

CADfix interface of EMA3D

The CAE interface of EMA3D for EMC is powerful and intuitive

That’s why we created EMA3D for EMC. This package was created to help EMI and EMC groups remain in control of simulation while working with systems and designs of growing complexity.

  • EMA3D has the most significant validation heritage in EMI and EMC
  • EMA has worked to make EMA3D for EMC easier to use, with free comprehensive training demonstrations and expert support when needed
  • The EMA computer-aided engineering (CAE) environment is user-friendly and works well with all types of CAD
  • The EMA3D for EMC workflow is designed for EMI and EMC groups and is to be used by individual members instead of a dedicated simulation group

Support and Maintenance

When you subscribe to EMA3D for EMC, you are not alone. EMA has a radical approach to product support. Our best and most experienced staff work for you. Here are the ways EMA is different:

  • EMA has a growing development team that wants your feedback and will add features and new tools at your request
  • EMA provides premium phone and email support from our  senior staff PhD’s and development team members that work in EMI and EMC everyday and understand your challenges

You can see how affordable it is to get started adding simulation to your EMC toolkit. This is the best value among all available EMC full-wave simulation tools.

All EMA products are available in a subscription or lease model that makes it even easier to incorporate simulation into your group.

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