Spacecraft Charging Simulation Software

Spacecraft charging is a well-known problem for space vehicles. Advanced evaluation of spacecraft charging threats to a particular mission can inform design and drastically reduce the risk for space programs. We present a new tool, EMA3D-Internal, for performing a thorough evaluation of spacecraft internal charging risks. The tool can be run entirely from the graphical user interface and allows geometry import and development from within EMA3D-Internal, an advanced CAE platform. The user can specify an arbitrary and realistic radiation spectrum, such as what might be obtained using the AP9/AE9 framework.

EMA has developed software tools to support an advanced surface charging analysis program. Our tools are complementary to Nascap-2K – a trusted and well-known surface charging physics solver. EMA3D® tools include an advanced CAE platform that allows the user to develop detailed geometry within the environment, assign materials to the model, mesh the model, and then export it directly into a Nascap-2K object ready for simulation.
These powerful tools allow the user to import native CAD to serve as the basis for their simulation model. The user can also precisely control the model mesh – varying the mesh algorithm and resolution to find an accurate and efficient simulation object.
The surface charging simulation results can also be parsed with EMA3D post-processing tools to create a fully 3D time animation of the charging process, and obtain detailed quantitative information on surface-to-surface differential voltages and other quantities – all broken down according to material type.