Rod Perala

Rod Perala photo

Rod Perala is president of EMA

Rodney Perala, PhD is the president and owner of Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc, and has been with EMA for more than 30 years. He is an internationally recognized authority in electromagnetic effects and system electromagnetic modeling. He has devoted his career to the understanding the interaction of electromagnetic fields with civilian and military systems of many kinds, such as aircraft, missiles, the Space Shuttle, communication facilities, antennas, cables, and ground stations. He is a co-author of the book Lightning Protection of Aircraft (with F. A Fisher and J. A. Plumer of Lightning Technologies, Inc) and has published more than 350 articles, conference papers, refereed journal papers, and reports. In 1991, he (with some coauthors) won the NASA Langley H.J.E Reid Best Paper Award for New Methods and Results for Quantification of Lightning-Aircraft Electrodynamics, a result of several years’ research with the NASA/FAA F-106 thunderstorm research program.