Aircraft Lightning Simulation

One of the key features of EMA3D and MHARNESS is the ability to simulate an entire platform and determine the levels on individual electronics pins at equipment interface. in this aircraft lightning simulation demonstration, we show you how to do each step of this process.

EMA3D version 4 includes features that no other EM software package has: the ability to perform a co-simulation with a transmission line solver with a special lightning component that has demonstrated compelling accuracy in determining internal pin transient control levels (TCLs).

The following is a step-by-step demonstration of how to perform a full aircraft simulation. We discuss how to include integrated MHARNESS cables so that the cable harness can be co-simulated with EMA3D. You can download the instruction document and the files needed for simulation here.

cablepack for aircraft lightning simulation

The EMA Cable Cross Section Tools allows you to easily add and modify the position of conductors and shields in a cable harness segment.

Recently, EMA developed a parallel version of EMA3D that allows for it to use multiple processors across multiple nodes to allow for vast simulation speed improvements. Advances in computing hardware have enabled FDTD analysis for EMC problems to be a realistic solution to cases in which the 3D nature of structures must be considered. cablepack

In the present demonstration, we show how to perform parallel computation which allows for all the cores of a workstation to contribute when simulating a problem.

Watch a video demonstration on how to use EMA3D to simulation a tilt-rotor for indirect effects of lightning support.

Please try out the demo or share with any electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) engineers that might be interested in this capability. Keep in mind the significant validation heritage and the fact that we have a full team of domain experts to support your work in this area.

Let us describe why lightning simulation is needed and why the EMA certification services technical approach is compelling. Contact EMA for a demo today.

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