Introduction to EMA3D®

By Eric Miller

airplane-model-before- lightning-EM-simulationairplane-after-lightning-simulation

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In aircraft development, significant resources are spent to ensure safety during a lightning strike. Experiments are very costly and it’s impossible to measure every interesting quantity at every location. With lightning simulations, a more complete data set can be taken (all field values can be known in any location). Simulation data can greatly help guide the designs and tests to demonstrate compliance with FAA regulations such as 25.981 (fuel tank ignition prevention).

In this training, a simple aircraft is created using basic geometry. The aircraft is created  and is prepared for an EMA3D® simulation. The simulation case is a component A lightning strike on the wingtip and opposite wingtip detachment. In the process, the user is introduced to some of the most commonly used tools including easy-to-use GUI’s and the more powerful command line. The training also covers how to prepare the model for an EMA3D® simulation, running the simulation, and some provided post-processing options. This training is a great place to start to learn how to effectively use EMA3D®.

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