Nano for EMC

EMA has world-class EM measurement capabilities. EMA has long and deep relationships with aerospace primes and integrators around the world. In addition, the EMA team has a good understanding of polymer and nanomaterial properties as well as a strong track record in evaluating such novel materials for aerospace applications. EMA has novel simulation approaches that allow us to estimate the impact of material properties on the electromagnetic performance of entire aerospace platforms, rapidly and with low cost.

In the example below, we considered the expected electromagnetic environmental effects benefits of using carbon nanotube (NT) mats in carbon fiber composites for lightning protection.

The simulations were performed by full-wave electrical and thermal simulation methods that captured the required physics. EMA compared NT-incorporated panels to the baseline Cu mesh-protected panels as well as panels containing no lightning protection materials. This allowed for an estimation of the material performance and a clarification of the key parameters to measure during the experimental phase. The results of the test and simulation are shown below:

Composite Nano Panel

Full scale lightning testing of a composite panel with three nanotube sheets with nanotube layer removed but composite panel intact

Thermal Simulation

EMA multi-physics simulation estimating a loss of nanotube sheets but protection of the underlying composites