Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE)

Testing in space is expensive and time consuming. In cases where in-space testing is possible the data that can be collected is extremely limited. The combination of these issues poses a significant challenge to space programs and new technologies alike. In response to this, EMA® has built their state of the art Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) commercial test facility. EMA®‘s goal is to make space evaluations possible for all companies through a complete test facility and modern simulation tools.

EMA®‘s Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) Test Chamber

Multiple Simultaneous Energy Sources

EMA®‘s test chamber contains an array of energy sources from 5keV to >2MeV over a large working area. The combinations of these sources allows for EMA® to produce realistic spectra (rather than monoenergetic beams) associated with various orbits. Additionally, EMA®‘s chamber is also equipped with dynamic shuttering and control capabilities allowing for complete customization of the environment inside the chamber during testing. This allows for complex orbit, eclipse conditions, accelerated lifecycles (etc.) to be evaluated in a single test. With video, spatial arc detection and a number of sensor modalities, EMA®‘s chamber is capable of determining the effects of space radiation empirically with a high degree of accuracy.

EMA® also understands that testing is difficult and expensive. Some programs have high degrees of risk that need to be addressed in the design stage, or issues that need to be looked at that aren’t possible to test. As a result, simulation presents a capability necessary for space related engineers to have at their disposal. EMA® has developed Ansys Charge Plus (formerly EMA3D® Charge), a fully coupled surface and internal charging simulation environment. Building on the foundation of EMA®‘s existing space simulation tool, Ansys Charge Plus combines CAD and workflow capabilities familiar to users with the capability to analyze almost any conceivable space radiation environment.

EMA3D Charge

Ansys Charge Plus Simulation Environment

With its facility located in the Berkshire Innovation Center in Pittsfield, MA, the EMA® SERE team comprises some of the world’s foremost experts in the space sector. The SERE team has a wealth of expertise in both simulation and testing and has played critical roles in many major space programs.

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