Figure 2. EMC Plus's 3D field solution and cable solver are both solved on the same grid, in the same binary, with shared field, current, and impedance matrix information.

Electromagnetic Modeling of Full Vehicles and Their Cables, Unique Ansys EMC Plus Capabilities

Manufacturers of automobiles and aircraft require full digital representations of their vehicles that allow for accurate electromagnetic simulation. In the automotive industry, there is a desire to simulate and predict the full vehicle electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance of a vehicle using digital designs, which can be performed months or years before vehicles are available for […]

E3 Certification for eVTOL Aircraft Webinar

With electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the engineering community is once again called to support an emerging technology that could have an amazing impact on the way people and goods are transported. Before impacts can be felt, eVTOL certification must be gained. There are a number of technical challenges that need to be […]

Ansys EMC Plus What’s New 2024 R1

Another round of new features is coming to Ansys EMC Plus. This new release makes running simulations faster and makes it easier for full-vehicle EMI/EMC analysis. 2024 R1 featured updates include: GPU accelerated solver 3D field and current visualization Transfer impedance simulator Cable wiring connectivity automatic assignment to 3D cables from mechanical CAD “We’re very […]

Ansys Charge Plus 2024 R1 What’s New

New updates are arriving for Ansys Charge Plus. This latest release focuses on adding new capabilities to improve the user experience and workflow efficiency. 2024 R1 featured updates include: New integrated data processing tools GPU accelerated FDTD solver Mesh updates HFSS field import for FEM New PIC emission models Radiation hardening one-click workflow Charge Plus […]

Getting to Space Faster with EMA Simulation and Measurement

The fourth industrial revolution is here, and the space industry is leading the way. The Brookings Institution describes the fourth industrial revolution as the combination of technologies integrating the biological, physical, and technological spheres to transform economic, political, and social systems. The institute says that better technology and decreasing costs have made outer space more […]

Protecting Rail from Unwanted EM Effects

Steel may seem like it’s indestructible, making it perfect for railroads. However, there is an unseen threat: electromagnetic (EM) effects. This makes protecting rail an important part of the design process. EM effects pose significant risks to both rail performance and safety. Lightning, radio frequency interference (RFI), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) can produce safety hazards, […]

How EMA Supports FAA Certification

Each day more than 45,000 flights take off across the Unites States. Each and every one of those planes has achieved certification. Aircraft certification is how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) manages risk to keep passengers safe. Certification confirms that all FAA requirements have been met. It’s not just airplanes that need certification, but also […]

Ansys Charge Plus What’s New 2023 R2

Workflow improvements are coming to Ansys Charge Plus in 2023 R2. This is the first release of the renamed Ansys Charge Plus, formerly EMA3D® Charge. Charge Plus combines electromagnetic (EM) solvers, fluid solvers, and particle physics solvers to provide easy-to-use multiphysics simulation. The four main workflows are spacecraft charging, electrostatic discharge (ESD), arc extinction and […]

Using Ansys Charge Plus to Support the Growing Semiconductor Industry

Whether you’re reading this on your computer or your phone, a semiconductor is involved. Semiconductors are an essential component of electronic devices. Also known as microchips, they control and manage the flow of the electric current in electronic equipment and devices. Thanks to developments in the semiconductor industry, electronics are now smaller, faster, and more […]

Ansys EMC Plus What’s New 2023 R2

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of products large and small is now easier and faster than ever thanks to new capabilities in Ansys EMC Plus. New for 2023 R2 there are three highlighted features. This is also the first update with the new name of EMC Plus. The name was changed in summer 2023 to better reflect […]