Are you Protecting your Wind Turbine Blades Effectively?

What would you do if you watched one of your wind turbine blades go up in flames after being struck by lightning? Watch what happens when a wind turbine is struck by lightning here. The damage that a lightning strike can cause to a wind turbine can be detrimental if the proper testing isn’t performed […]

GNSS Receiver

A Measurement Based Approach to Avoid GNSS Interference

GNSS receivers play a critical role in commercial and military systems. They can be found in a myriad of devices and platforms including phones, watches, drones, tractors, survey equipment, automobiles, airplanes, satellites, missiles, and ships. When GNSS receivers fail, the impact ranges from nuisance scenarios such as an incorrect distance for your latest training run […]

Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) Chamber


The space environment is dynamic, complex, and harsh. The primary cause of risk for components and spacecraft in this environment is due to the energetic charged particles emitted by the sun resulting in charging. If proper consideration is not taken, catastrophic effects can lead to component or even mission failure. Thus, it is important to […]

EMA3D Cable R2

Easier Full-Device Modeling for EMC and ESD Webinar

Watch Recording Below Abstract Date/Time: April 28th // 11AM MST Do you think full-device electromagnetic modeling of products is impossible? The team behind EMA3D® set out decades ago to solve this problem. This webinar on EMA3D® will describe the basic workflows and teach new users how to get up to speed in these tools quickly. […]

KART 25.981 Lightning Research Program for Fastener Sparking Threshold Database Webinar

Watch recording below Abstract NIAR and EMA have completed two phases of a research program with the goal of creating an industry and FAA-endorsed compliance approach with a fastener sparking threshold database to support aircraft fuel tank lightning compliance associated with §25.981 and §25.954. This webinar will summarize efforts from two phases of the research […]

EMA3D® Cable 2022 R1 Webinar

Webinar recording below. Abstract This webinar will demonstrate the new capabilities and features added to EMA3D® Cable 2022 R1 in this update: EMA3D® and Nexxim transient circuit co-simulation, new material property and cable libraries, and expanded cable harness connectivity features! Feature Updates Details: • EMA3D® Cable and Nexxim transient circuit co-simulation ability allows engineers to […]

EMA KART Project

KART Wing Simulation Final Report

Since the loss of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, government airworthiness regulators such as the FAA have required aircraft manufacturers to demonstrate that the aircraft wing fuel systems do not experience catastrophic ignition events, even when considering failure modes. The result has been that engineers must determine the current distribution throughout the aircraft fuel tanks […]

Mitigating Electric Discharges with EMA3D® Charge Webinar

Abstract Electric discharges are the release and flow of charge in a medium such as a gas or a solid. In the consumer electronics industry, discharges may be caused by the buildup of static electricity or by short-circuits. In the high-voltage industry, electric fields are inherently high enough to lead to the breakdown of air […]

EMA3D® Charge Official Release

Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. and Ansys Collaborate to Deliver Design-to-Validation Workflow for Spacecraft Charging Streamlined simulation solution accelerates spacecraft charging and ESD analysis for design evaluation in space plasma environments. Lakewood, CO, October 25, 2021 – Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. (EMA) and Ansys have collaborated to deliver Ansys EMA3D® Charge, an enhanced design-to-validation workflow to […]

Entire Device Simulation for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Webinar

Abstract: Learn how EMA3D® Cable can help you meet your EMC regulations! With EMA3D® Cable, engineers can make PCB, cable, and enclosure design decisions with confidence in the accuracy of predictions to reduce risk going into EMI/EMC testing. Designers seek to predict the emissions/immunity of products to meet regulatory or performance limits. EMC failure may […]