Using Ansys Charge Plus to Support the Growing Semiconductor Industry

Whether you’re reading this on your computer or your phone, a semiconductor is involved. Semiconductors are an essential component of electronic devices. Also known as microchips, they control and manage the flow of the electric current in electronic equipment and devices. Thanks to developments in the semiconductor industry, electronics are now smaller, faster, and more […]

Ansys EMC Plus What’s New 2023 R2

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of products large and small is now easier and faster than ever thanks to new capabilities in Ansys EMC Plus. New for 2023 R2 there are three highlighted features. This is also the first update with the new name of EMC Plus. The name was changed in summer 2023 to better reflect […]

The Complexities of Modeling Lightning Strikes on Aircraft

The biggest threat to an aircraft is lightning. Every second of the day there are anywhere between 40 and 100 lightning strikes happening across the world. Getting hit by a lightning strike can lead to the total loss of an aircraft if it is not properly mitigated. The effects of lightning strikes are divided into […]

Keeping AM Radio in Electric Vehicles Using Ansys EMC Plus

The race is on to find a way for electric vehicles and AM radio to live in harmony. Roughly 47 million Americans listen to AM radio, with a majority of listeners living in rural areas of the country. For these Americans, AM radio is sometimes the only reliable way to get emergency notifications. Despite this, […]

Determining ESD Risk in Cell Phones with Ansys Charge Plus

The shock from static electricity to the human body can be jarring, but it is nothing more than a nuisance. However, that same shock can cause bigger problems for many electronic devices. That shock is also known as an electrostatic discharge (ESD) event. ESD has been a problem in industry for centuries. In the 1400s, […]

Using Ansys EMC Plus for Faster Assessment of Aircraft Lightning Vulnerability

For a week each summer, attention turns to the sky. The National Weather Service hosts Lightning Safety Awareness Week to call attention to lightning being an underrated killer. Since 2001, lightning deaths in the U.S. have dropped from about 55 per year to less than 30. On average, lightning strikes the Earth 8.6 million times […]

Using Metamodels of Optimal Prognosis for EMC Analysis in an Automobile

Modern cars—they’re sleeker and faster than ever before, but they’re also more electrified. It’s estimated that the modern vehicle contains up to 1,500 wires, stretching out to about a mile in length. Compare that to the 1950’s when cars had just 55 wires totaling about 50 feet in length. A new challenge now facing car […]

How Embraer Uses Simulation to Put Planes in the Air Faster

“Hey, let’s go zap an airplane with an artificial bolt of lightning and see what happens.” While that sounds like one of those statements no one ever said, the opposite, in fact, is true. Airplane manufacturers have for years been subjecting prototypes of their planes to the electrical transient equivalent of a bolt of lightning […]

Electromagnetic Simulation Makes Connections with the US DoD’s JADC2 Implementation

Everyone who uses a cell phone may not realize that the electromagnetic spectrum that allows for connection to the network is regulated by governments around the world. In the United States, much of the bandwidth for modern networks has been released from exclusive use by the Department of Defense (DoD). Those discrete bands of frequencies […]

Renaming EMA3D® to Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus

EMA is on the frontline of simulation innovation, and now the name of its products reflects what is possible. EMA and technology partner Ansys are renaming EMA3D® Cable and EMA3D® Charge to better represent the powerful simulations our software solutions are capable of. This includes where and how they can be used. EMA3D® Cable has […]