Mitigating Electric Discharges with EMA3D® Charge Webinar

Abstract Electric discharges are the release and flow of charge in a medium such as a gas or a solid. In the consumer electronics industry, discharges may be caused by the buildup of static electricity or by short-circuits. In the high-voltage industry, electric fields are inherently high enough to lead to the breakdown of air […]

EMA3D® Charge Official Release

Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. and Ansys Collaborate to Deliver Design-to-Validation Workflow for Spacecraft Charging Streamlined simulation solution accelerates spacecraft charging and ESD analysis for design evaluation in space plasma environments. Lakewood, CO, October 25, 2021 – Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. (EMA®) and Ansys have collaborated to deliver Ansys EMA3D® Charge, an enhanced design-to-validation workflow to […]

Entire Device Simulation for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Webinar

Abstract: Learn how EMA3D® Cable can help you meet your EMC regulations! With EMA3D® Cable, engineers can make PCB, cable, and enclosure design decisions with confidence in the accuracy of predictions to reduce risk going into EMI/EMC testing. Designers seek to predict the emissions/immunity of products to meet regulatory or performance limits. EMC failure may […]

The Future of EMC Testing is EMA3D® Cable

The EMC testing process without simulation is extremely time consuming and difficult. The workflow begins with designing your module and testing it at the component level and hoping it passes. Then it’s integrated into a platform where you have many different electronics packaged together, and you hope the whole assembly passes. The problem with this […]

How to Achieve Automotive EMC Certification Success at the First Pass Webinar

Watch the recording here Abstract Automotive systems are becoming more complex with each new technical development that is added to them. This increases the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) challenges for the automotive platform. Passing EMC requirements is critical for keeping projects on schedule and on budget. Learn how to use simulation for the following: Parasitics extraction […]

2021 R2 EMA3D® Cable – Faster EMC Solving for Electronic Devices and Entire Vehicles Webinar

Abstract: This webinar showcases how the new features in EMA3D® Cable help you tackle Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) challenges including radiated emissions, radiated immunity, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and interference between systems integrated on a device or large platform. Preview some of the new features: Ability to import Ansys SIwave near fields for printed circuit boards (PCBs) […]

Introducing the EMA3D® 2021 R2 Release!

EMA® is excited to introduce the official EMA3D® 2021 R2 release! Our EMA3D® Cable software has many distinguishing features that help it easily stand out from other programs. With the ease of use with this software people are able to use the Interface directly with Ansys SpaceClaim, utilize mechanical CAD directly with minimal cleaning or […]

Rail applications and EMA3D Cable

Rail Applications and Electromagnetic Effects

Rail systems have to consider many electromagnetic problems when it comes to keeping railroads safe. Electromagnetic effects pose significant risks to both Rail Applications and safety. Lightning, RF Interference, EMI/EMC, and more can produce safety hazards, reduce operating capacity and performance, and damage components and systems. EMA® has been helping to solve these types of […]

EMA3D Cable for Electronics

EMA3D® Cable 2021 R2 – Electronics and Consumer Electronics Webinar

Abstract: EMA3D® Cable is a robust electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) cable modeling solution for small electronic devices up to large complex platforms. EMA3D® Cable has recently been updated to include new features to accurately model features within electronics enclosures and interoperate more seamlessly with other electronics tools such as HFSS and SIwave. This webinar showcases how […]

Simulation and Modeling Approaches Useful for Automotive EMC Analysis Webinar

Abstract: Failing automotive EMC requirements in the test lab leads to many extra costs and schedule delays. With the push for more electric vehicles (EVs), the electromagnetic environment in a car is getting harsher. With the advent of autonomous vehicles (AVs), more and more systems are falling into the “safety critical” category with the strictest […]