Ansys Charge Plus and its Particle-In-Cell Solver

Electrification is driving the development in several industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace. No matter the size, the primary challenges for engineers, product developers, and designers remain the same: to ensure product success, safety, and connectivity. To meet these goals, development teams must consider the hazards to electronic components including electromagnetic interference (EMI), static […]

Introducing Expo 2024 Keynote Speaker Dr. Prith Banerjee

Innovation: a new idea, method, or device; the introduction of something new. Innovation is also what Ansys Chief Technology Officer Dr. Prith Banerjee has based his career on. “This is my passion,” he says. “I want everybody to embrace the passion of innovation like I do.” That is the excitement he will be bringing to […]

Ansys EMC Plus helps EV Project Mitigate EMC Risk

A Colorado company is saving time and money by using Ansys EMC Plus (formerly EMA3D® Cable) for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis early in the design process. Lightning eMotors was founded in 2008 and is based in Loveland, Colorado. The company provides specialized and sustainable driving options, including complete zero-emission all-electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. This […]

Welcome to EMA Expo 2024

Welcome to EMA Expo 2024! The event will be held in-person in the Denver-metro area Jan. 29- Feb. 2, 2024. It is the perfect opportunity to network with experts, acquire skills in the best electromagnetic simulation practices, share your work, and gain an understanding about the future of technology. “Getting together in-person allows us to […]

2023 R1: What’s New in EMA3D® Cable (now Ansys EMC Plus)

EMA3D® Cable (now Ansys EMC Plus) 2023 R1 new capabilities and features are ready for use and enables full-device and full-vehicle simulation. EMA3D® Cable is a platform-level electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) modeling software used for simulating electromagnetic interference (EMI) and EMC effects to provide design and certification support. Featured updates include: New Automated Workflows New Application […]

2023 R1: What’s New in EMA3D® Charge (now Ansys Charge Plus)

New features released for EMA3D® Charge (now Ansys Charge Plus) are making simulating charging and discharging phenomena easier than ever before. “We’ve really streamlined the end-to-end workflow that we’ve provided users in terms of setting up the simulation, running the simulation, and analyzing the results of this simulation,” EMA Product Manager Kevin-Druis Merenda said. EMA3D® […]

Using FDTD to Study the Effect of Current Flow and Induced Electrical and Magnetic Fields on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Box Structures

The commercial airline industry is evolving, and manufacturers are turning their heads toward composite materials to build aircraft. Specifically, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) has been generating considerable interest because it possesses several advantages. CFRP is lightweight, can’t be bent or forced out of shape, and has a high chemical stability. These factors add up […]

Determine EMI Risk in Autonomous Vehicles Faster with EMA3D®- Ansys HFSS Datalink

You spot a classic red truck driving down the highway, it could bring back memories of the one that was always sitting in the driveway at Grandma and Grandpa’s. That truck may resemble the trucks of today but there is one major difference, newer model vehicles are built with more electrical components, including some self-driving […]

Celebrating Aviation History in the U.S.

Flying high in the sky, each day more than 45 thousand planes are crisscrossing more than 29 million miles of United States airspace. Flight might be commonplace now, but for hundreds of years the reality of taking to the sky was only a dream. November is National Aviation History Month, a time dedicated to exploring, […]