Co-site Interference

Webinar: Avoid Costly RF Cosite Interference Before It Becomes a Problem Interference between RF devices is one of the biggest challenges in designing and maintaining commercial and defense systems. These systems include ships, airplanes, drones, cell phones, satellites, automobiles and generally, anything that has RF systems installed in or on it. The problem is complex […]

The surface current density is shown as a function of color

Nuclear Effects

Webinar: 3D Simulation, Services and Testing for Nuclear Effects Hardening of Critical System When: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 9:00 am Mountain Standard Time (Denver, GMT-07:00) To register for this Webinar: Click Here Abstract: Many systems have requirements to electromagnetic pulse (EMP). EMA3D is well-suited for simulation of high-altitude EMP (HEMP) and system-generated EMP (SGEMP) analyses. EMA has […]

Webinar Series

Webinar Series: Comprehensive Space Plasma EMC Analysis Using a Single Model Electro Magnetic Applications would like to invite you to our upcoming Webinar Series starting Thursday November 30th. Each webinar in this series will present a quantitative assessment of EMC risks due to space plasma environments. Space plasmas present many risks to space vehicles, ranging from antenna pattern […]


EMA & IDS would like to invite you to our reception at The 2017 Symposium on EMC+SIPI on Monday August, 7th 2017. Come join us for drinks, appetizers, and network with other Symposium attendees starting at 6:00pm! The reception party will take place in the Hospitality Suite at the Gaylord National Resort and Event Center.   We invite you attend this event and […]

HIRF Course

HIGH INTENSITY RADIATED FIELDS (HIRF) COURSE Electromagnetic Effects Compliance for Aircraft HIRF/Lightning Design, Test Methods, and Regulatory Compliance September 26-29, 2017 8:00AM – 5:00PM (T, W, TR) 8:00AM – 12:00PM (F) National Institute for Aviation Research Environmental Test Lab 3800 S. Oliver Building 13L Wichita, KS 67210 Fee: $2,500 if registered before August 11, 2017 […]

Modeling Cables

Webinar: Modeling Complex Cable Harnesses in EMA3D Simulations Computation Electromagnetic (CEM) simulations play an ever increasing role in the analysis and support for aircraft and aerospace programs. CEM can be used to evaluate electromagnetic environmental effects as well as EMC/EMI system problems for design and certification support. This analysis not only can be used early […]

2017 DoD E3

DoD E3 Program Review 2017 EMA and IDS would like to invite you to join us at the Department of Defense Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Program Review (DoD E3 Program Review 2017). We will be consolidating the EMA and IDS partnership and showcasing our combined capabilities that that cover critical tasks in E3 analysis and spectrum […]

Internal Charging

Topic: EMA3D-Internal: A Comprehensive Platform for 3D Internal Space Charging Abstract: In this webinar, we present the newly developed fully 3D internal space charging software tool: EMA3D-Internal.  Spacecraft charging is a well-known problem for space vehicles.  Advanced evaluation of spacecraft charging threats to a particular mission can inform design and drastically reduce the risk for […]

E3 Tools

Webinar: Dealing with cables, cavities and platform antennas in a PRACTICAL way Presented by: Dr. Tim McDonald Abstract: EMC and E3 engineers have real challenges in dealing with cables, cavities and platform antennas in real electronics equipment, aircraft and vehicles. It is reasonably easy to solve for a perfect cable illuminated by a perfect plane […]

Surface Discharges

Using EMA3D to Calculate Surface to Surface Discharge Transients When a space vehicle undergoes surface charging in a space plasma environment, there is the potential for discharges and arcing to occur.  These discharges may cause damage to surfaces or may couple electromagnetic energy to antennas and cables.  In this blog entry we discuss how to […]