Reducing Electromagnetic Spectrum Fratricide

On August 8, 2019, the Under Secretary of the Navy issued a memorandum regarding “Reducing Electromagnetic Spectrum Fratricide”. The memorandum provided clarification on three SECNAV instructions regarding policy and responsibilities for research, development and acquisition of all spectrum-dependent systems (SDS). It stated that all SDS must assess the risk of electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) fratricide and […]

Space Weather Strikes Again

Author: Justin McKennon – In April of this year (2019), the Boeing-built Intelsat 29e communications satellite (launched in 2016) suddenly failed. A recent investigation concluded that an electrostatic discharge, or a micro-meteoroid strike, was the cause of the premature end of the satellite’s mission. This failure was expensive – costing Intelsat ~$382 million. This satellite […]

Antenna Placement Made Easy

Antenna Placement Made Easy. The Effectiveness of the Analytical Approach. Giancarlo Guida, Senior Scientist EMA University of Naples Federico II, DIETI – 28 May 2019 Aula Seminari CSIF, Napoli, via Claudio 21; 12:00 Giancarlo Guida graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II, discussing a thesis on the chaotic regime of a […]

Existing and Emerging Challenges Facing Automotive EMC Webinar

Technical development has turned automotive systems into complex electrical and RF devices. Fully electric powertrains and the development of vehicle autonomy increases the need for active electrical components, complex interconnected systems, and the use of RF systems. Both far and near-field sensors require low-noise environments to ensure adequate performance. Real-time decision making for safety-critical situations […]

lightning strikes an aircraft in flight

How to Get Your Aerospace Platform Certified for Lightning

Lightning is a required environment for certification of many air and space platforms. The lightning requirement has a long history in transport aircraft. In addition, lightning requirements are often imposed on many novel applications including: Personal taxi aircraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and large drones Spacecraft and rockets At the same time, the certification requirements […]

Lightning Conference

The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) and EMA are pleased to host the International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity (ICOLSE). ICOLSE is a biennial conference with the aim bringing together experts from all fields on the subject of lightning and static electric. It is concerned with all aspects of lightning interaction with ground, […]

Spacecraft Charging Webinar

IEEE Spectrum Tech Insider Webinar Fully Coupled Internal Space Charging Simulations with EMA3D-Internal EMA3D-Internal is a fully 3D internal space charging software tool. It allows for a comprehensive internal space charging analysis to be performed almost entirely within a graphical user interface, including: sophisticated geometry import, development and meshing capabilities, simulation and post-processing. The user […]

Drone Interference

Drones are increasingly being used to inspect utilities such as pipelines and power grids and infrastructure such as cell towers. A recent study by Navigant Research reported that power grid companies alone are expected to spend $13 billion per year on drones and robotics by 2026. There is such strong interest in using drones for […]

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Aircraft Certification Webinar

Failure is truly not an option when it comes to FAA certification of passenger aircraft. The bar for acceptance of testing and simulation is incredibly high. Would you like your engineering team to learn what it takes to execute testing and simulation at such a high level? EMA recently presented the IEEE Tech Insider Webinar, […]

Co-site Interference

Webinar: Avoid Costly RF Cosite Interference Before It Becomes a Problem Interference between RF devices is one of the biggest challenges in designing and maintaining commercial and defense systems. These systems include ships, airplanes, drones, cell phones, satellites, automobiles and generally, anything that has RF systems installed in or on it. The problem is complex […]