EMA3D Cable for Electronics

EMA3D Cable 2021 R2 – Electronics and Consumer Electronics Webinar

Abstract: EMA3D® Cable is a robust electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) cable modeling solution for small electronic devices up to large complex platforms. EMA3D Cable has recently been updated to include new features to accurately model features within electronics enclosures and interoperate more seamlessly with other electronics tools such as HFSS and SIwave. This webinar showcases how […]

Simulation and Modeling Approaches Useful for Automotive EMC Analysis Webinar

Abstract: Failing automotive EMC requirements in the test lab leads to many extra costs and schedule delays. With the push for more electric vehicles (EVs), the electromagnetic environment in a car is getting harsher. With the advent of autonomous vehicles (AVs), more and more systems are falling into the “safety critical” category with the strictest […]

EMA Participates in Ansys Simulation World 2021

Ansys Simulation World 2021 will be taking place on April 20-21st for AMER/EMEA and April 21-22nd for APAC. Simulation World is an opportunity where participants can listen to keynotes from change-making leaders, expand their outlook with enticing breakout sessions, and receive Ansys expert-guided training – all for free! At this year’s Simulation World, you can […]

Guide to Using Simulations for HIRF Certification Activities Webinar

Abstract: Cody Weber reviewed the HIRF guidance documents AC20-158 and ARP5583 to understand which activities are typically performed for HIRF compliance demonstration. The webinar also covered how computational electromagnetic (CEM) simulations with EMA3D® can support HIRF design and compliance activities when assessing LLSF and LLSC aircraft responses.   Speakers: Cody Weber is a Principal Scientist […]

EMA Receives M2I2 Grant

EMA Receives $429,000 M2I2 Grant for New SERE Test Facility March 17, 2021 – Pittsfield, MA, USA – Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. received a $429,000 grant from the Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (M2I2) this St. Patrick’s Day. This grant will aid in the development of the new Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) commercial test […]

EMA3D 2021 R1 Webinar

Abstract: In this webinar, Tim McDonald, PhD, will be going into more detail for the most anticipated updates: HFSS Field Link: ability to use HFSS near fields as source, import of harness description list (KBL) files, and exporting S-parameter models; As well as the rest of the highlights for the EMA3D® 2021 R1 update. Highlights […]

SERE Space Chamber Update

SERE Space Chamber Update Testing in space is expensive and time consuming. When there is a chance to do in-space testing the data that can be collected is extremely limited. These limitations are the reason that EMA has begun the process of building its Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) test facility. After the facility […]

Guide to Civil Aircraft Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Webinar

Abstract: In the webinar, Billy Martin reviews the guidance in SAE ARP60493 for demonstrating that electrical and electronic systems installed on civil aircraft can operate without adversely affecting the operation of other aircraft electrical and electronic systems. This includes guidance for defining appropriate electromagnetic compatibility requirements for the electrical and electronic equipment. It also includes […]

EMA Introduces EMA3D 2021 R1

EMA3D® 2021 R1 The most anticipated EMA3D Cable Updates: HFSS Field Link: Ability to Use HFSS Near Fields as Source. Huygens source in EMA3D generates high fidelity representation of fields computed by HFSS. Full system simulation using HFSS and EMA3D Cable. Import of Harness Description List (KBL) Files. The import routine in EMA3D Cable reads […]