Automotive EMC

Emerging automotive EMC Trends

Technical development has turned automotive systems into complex electrical and RF devices. Fully electric powertrains and the development of vehicle autonomy increases the need for active electrical components, complex interconnected systems, and the use of RF systems. Both far and near-field sensors require low-noise environments to ensure adequate performance. Real-time decision making for safety-critical situations requires high speed communication and processing. Power quality from both on-board (powertrain) and off-board (utility grid) requires deliberate EMC analysis. The use of radars and sensors increases the complexity of RF cosite interference analysis. The safety-criticality of vehicle components is changing the nature of automotive EMC.

support for your automotive emc team

EMA is leading the way in solving problems for existing and emerging challenges facing automotive EMC engineers. We understand the requirements, test and analysis procedures useful to existing automotive EMC teams. Our team offers advanced tools and design experience for emerging threats from new interference sources. EMA has hybrid 3D and cable harness simulation technologies to consider powertrain coupling to RF systems. We can help your team meet the challenges of maintaining compatibility among the wide variety of RF systems installed on and off the platform. EMA staff have experience with advanced scenario modeling in crowded urban areas and experience analyzing and designing to allow for uninterrupted operation of safety-critical systems.

EMA3D simulation of radiated coupling from powertrain cable to antennas on the vehicle.

Please contact EMA for consulting, measurement and design support for your automotive platform. Our technical staff and simulation technologies are available.