Automotive EMC

Simulation for Automotive EMC

As automotive technology becomes increasingly complex, the electromagnetic environment both internal and external to the vehicle becomes more and more critical. With electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles progressing every model year, regulatory compliance and functional safety are some of the highest priorities. EMA® has over forty years of experience creating complex simulations across a wide variety of platforms from cars, to aircrafts, to spacecrafts. These simulations help platforms meet all their requirements and perform flawlessly in a wide range of electromagnetic environmental conditions. Ansys EMC Plus (formerly EMA3D® Cable) can simulate the performance of items from the module level up to the full vehicle level, including the contributions of HV or LV cabling to both emissions and immunity issues. Our testing history and laboratory resources allow us to validate our models and results to ensure accuracy for automotive EMC design.

EMA® also offers the Automated Radio Measurement System (ARMS) to generate data for RFI analysis within automotive projects. Using high-fidelity measured data in an RF interference (RFI) analysis greatly improves the accuracy of the analysis. RFI occurs when one or more source signals cause a victim system to not function properly, which is especially a concern as vehicles package more co-located antennas together. It is essential to perform RFI analysis early in the design phase of a program to identify and mitigate issues before they become reality.

Given the immense cost and complexity of testing to regulations such as CISPR 12, 25, and now 36, ISO 11451-1 and 2, ECE Reg 10.05, ICNIRP 1998/2010, not to mention the OEM-specific requirements, early simulation and modeling can give you peace of mind that when your DUT comes in for testing, either at the component or vehicle level, you’ll be able to pass the first time. This lets you save time and money and get to market in the most efficient way possible.

Ansys EMC Plus (formerly EMA3D® Cable) simulation of Off Board Radiated Emissions (per CISPR 12) from HV cabling

Ansys EMC Plus simulation of radiated coupling from 12V cable to antennas on the vehicle, per CISPR 25.

Automotive EMC Consulting

EMA® provides a wide variety of consulting services to customers across multiple industries. We are known for our commitment to excellence and our outstanding achievements in quality, performance, and technical accuracy. Our staff sits on international standards committees and have a deep understanding of the regulatory as well as technical challenges facing automotive OEMs and suppliers. With a focus on long-term, ongoing client relationships, many of our clients retain our services across multiple contracts, resulting in successful partnerships over many years. EMA® has deep experience in electromagnetic environmental effects, EMI/EMC, on-board and off-board radiated emissions and immunity, and RF interference from the environment or from co-located antennas. Whether needing design review services in the early stages of product development or troubleshooting expertise when a product has failed EMC testing, EMA® has the technical expertise to assist your team. Click here to learn more about our consultants.

Automotive EMC Measurements

EMA® can perform developmental testing to assist with product design, pre-compliance, and troubleshooting. Our lab is able to conduct engineering evaluations of automotive EMC components to a number of OEM specifications. We can also characterize cable transfer impedance and shielding effectiveness to allow for accurate design choices or problem mitigation. We can perform a number of transient tests including ESD to ensure design robustness or help with troubleshooting.

In addition, the EMA® measurement services team can support all aspects of measurement to support antenna siting. This includes measuring RF systems for spurious emissions and responses; we can also perform antenna-to-antenna coupling measurements. Click here for more details.

Please contact EMA® for consulting, measurement and design support for your automotive EMC platform. Our technical staff and simulation technologies are available to assist you.