Lightning Certification

EMA® lightning indirect effects consultants provide services in all aspects of indirect effects lightning certification. EMA® has extensive experience in lightning indirect effects certification and is ready to provide solutions to achieve FAA-style lightning certification.

EMA® has successfully supported dozens of certification programs throughout its history, with many publications resulting from this work. EMA®‘s staff is internationally recognized for their expertise in the testing and simulation of the effects of lightning, having unprecedented experience in both areas. The combination of this experience and expertise with EMA®‘s software suite, Ansys EMC Plus (formerly EMA3D® Cable), there is no better way to understand and mitigate the effects of lightning on a platform or system.

Our comprehensive offering includes:

  • Design support in the early program phases
  • Estimating of actual transient levels (ATLs) during early design
  • Indirect effects simulation for certification support
  • Validation efforts for regulatory acceptance
  • Indirect effects test planning, execution and reporting
  • Certification support and DER services
  • Lightning hazard assessment support
  • On-site support for your design team
  • Training and capability transfer for your internal team

EMA® developed Ansys EMC Plusto accurately model lightning indirect effects. EMA® has demonstrated success in achieving certification through simulation of transient control levels at such a high degree of accuracy that testing was deemed unnecessary.

The combination of best-in-class simulation capabilities and extensive test experience allows for EMA® to assess designs faster and more accurately. EMA®‘s approaches to these problems have been shown to result in significant cost savings when compared to the traditional test-only approaches. By assessing these levels earlier in the program, costly re-design efforts and testing/certification risks can be reduced. EMA®‘s approaches are also accepted as Methods of Compliance in SAE AC 20-136B and SAE ARP5415.

In cases where testing is required, EMA®‘s staff, aided by an FAA Lightning DER, can develop cohesive and efficient test plans and procedures, and help assess any issues that may exist (levels too high, data concerns, etc.) related to test data.

Ansys EMC Plus, EMA®‘s flagship product, is specifically designed to make the simulation of the indirect of effects of lightning fast, accurate, and easy to learn. Unlike other tools, EMA® has designed Ansys EMC Plus for these types of problems, aided by its powerful co-simulation capability for cables within complex platforms. This capability allows for all of the 3D coupling effects to be calculated, down to the individual pin and cable level, without the overhead (model size, complexity, and solution time) other tools require. With built-in CAD import and geometry manipulation included, Ansys EMC Plus is the only choice when it comes to simulation the effects of lightning. The earlier you obtain data, the less cost and risk your program carries!

Let us describe why lightning simulation is needed and why the EMA® certification services technical approach is compelling.

Read the business case to see how this effort can save real money.

Let the EMA® lightning indirect effects certification services team resolve your lightning indirect effects problems before they become too costly!

A picture showing the damage caused by lightning strike on an aircraft

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