The EMA approach to verification of vehicles and systems. This low-cost approach has been adopted by numerous military projects and is acceptable in most cases.

EMA has over 40 years of company experience in all aspects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP). EMA developed 3D and cable codes for EMP interaction and modeling which became our commercial products EMA3D and MHARNESS. Many years ago, EMA developed source region codes for underground test research and system vulnerability assessment. EMA has experience and specialized codes for radiation transport calculations.

In addition to experience in analysis and design, EMA has performed HEMP coupling to tactical shelters and enclosures, supported underground testing at the Nevada Test Site, performed ship hardening testing, and validated modeling of the photon response of cables and PC boards at Flash X-Ray machines.

EMA has experience and specialized tools to model underground cables.

EMA supports equipment testing and can help companies build their own test facilities.