Antenna Siting Measurements

Cosite interference occurs when one or more source signals cause a victim system to not function properly. Interference can vary from non-critical annoyances to critical safety of flight issues that can result in costly last-minute fixes or in extreme scenarios, loss of life. It is essential to perform cosite analysis early in the design phase of a program to identify and mitigate issues before they become reality.

The EMA measurement services team can support all aspects of measurement to support antenna siting. This includes measuring RF systems for spurious emissions and responses. In addition, we can perform antenna-to-antenna coupling measurements.

It is important to consider both in-band and out-of-band interference when analyzing cosite interference taking into account transmitter harmonics and spurious emissions as well as receiver mixer products and spurious responses. Further, when multiple RF systems are operating simultaneously, one must account for intermodulation products produced by nonlinear devices such as amplifiers. EMA’s team has deep experience and can help provide measurements of systems early and during safety-of-flight testing before first flight.