HIRF and Lightning Certification Experience

Commercial Aircraft HIRF and Lightning Certification Experience

EMA® has been a major contributor to commercial aircraft certification for over 25 years. EMA® first helped McDonald-Douglas certify the MD-90 to lightning indirect effects using only computer simulation. Since that time, aircraft manufacturers increasingly rely on EMA® and our simulation tools to support their lightning and HIRF certification efforts.

EMA® is supporting Bombardier Aerospace’s CSeries* aircraft program in the areas of electromagnetic field and lightning strike protection.

The impressive correlation between EMA® predictions and validation tests have been recently published by the Mitsubishi Regional Jet team

Spacecraft Lightning and EM Radiation Experience

EMA® has over 35 years of experience in assisting aerospace manufacturers with certification and design in lightning, HIRF and related EM environments.

EMA®’s space lightning and EM radiation hardening experience includes extensive work on the Space Shuttle as well as its successor, the Lockheed Martin Orion crew capsule. EMA® has other human spaceflight experience working with Sierra Nevada on their Dream Chaser crew vehicle. EMA® has a major role on MDA’s Ground Based Midcourse Defense boost vehicle.

Select EMA® Certification and Verification Consulting Customers

  • Bell Helicopter
  • Mitsubishi Regional Jet
  • Orbital Sciences
  • Bombardier
  • Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser
  • Lockheed Martin Orion NASA Crew Vehicle

Select EMA® Aerospace Software Customers

  • Airbus Military
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems
  • Bombardier
  • Bell Helicopter
  • NASA Johnson Space Center

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.