HIRF and Lightning Certification Experience

Commercial Aircraft HIRF and Lightning Certification Experience

EMA has been a major contributor to commercial aircraft certification for over 25 years. EMA first helped McDonald-Douglas certify the MD-90 to lightning indirect effects using only computer simulation. Since that time, aircraft manufacturers increasingly rely on EMA and our simulation tools to support their lightning and HIRF certification efforts.

EMA is supporting Bombardier Aerospace’s CSeries* aircraft program in the areas of electromagnetic field and lightning strike protection.

The impressive correlation between EMA predictions and validation tests have been recently published by the Mitsubishi Regional Jet team

Spacecraft Lightning and EM Radiation Experience

EMA has over 35 years of experience in assisting aerospace manufacturers with certification and design in lightning, HIRF and related EM environments.

EMA’s space lightning and EM radiation hardening experience includes extensive work on the Space Shuttle as well as its successor, the Lockheed Martin Orion crew capsule. EMA has other human spaceflight experience working with Sierra Nevada on their Dream Chaser crew vehicle. EMA has a major role on MDA’s Ground Based Midcourse Defense boost vehicle.

Select EMA Certification and Verification Consulting Customers

  • Bell Helicopter
  • Mitsubishi Regional Jet
  • Orbital Sciences
  • Bombardier
  • Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser
  • Lockheed Martin Orion NASA Crew Vehicle

Select EMA Aerospace Software Customers

  • Airbus Military
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems
  • Bombardier
  • Bell Helicopter
  • NASA Johnson Space Center

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.