HIRF Certification

HIRF fields

EMA® High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) radiated environments certification services consultants provide end-to-end support in all aspects of the certification. EMA® has extensive experience in HIRF certification and is ready to provide solutions to achieve FAA-style certification.

Our comprehensive capabilities include:

  • HIRF design support based on advanced simulation
  • Simulation of the HIRF levels early in the program
  • Troubleshooting to provide solutions to problems
  • HIRF simulation support for certification requirements
  • Configuration management for simulation and test traceability
  • Test planning, execution and reporting
  • Certification support and DER services
  • On-site support for your design team
  • Training and capability transfer to your internal team

EMA® developed a computational framework to accurately model the HIRF radiated environments. An aircraft CAD model simulated using Ansys EMC Plus (formerly EMA3D® Cable) with the proper material properties and post-processing steps results in a high-degree of correlation with experimental measurements, as shown in the figures below:

EMA simulated the 707 aircraft and saw good agreement with the measurements by NIST

EMA® HIRF Simulation and Test Comparison

Ansys EMC Plus includes features that no other EM software packages has: the ability to model many cable complexities required to properly disperse HIRF energy among all harnesses and conductors as well as to provide accurate ohmic energy dissipation, including skin depth effects. The results of using Ansys EMC Plus to model the complexities of the HIRF interaction with real aircraft cable bundles are dramatic.

Let us describe why HIRF validation is challenging and why the EMA certification services technical approach is compelling.

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