EMA3D Cable

EMA3D® Cable is a 3D Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) solver with an integrated multi-conductor transmission line solver. The two electromagnetic solvers co-simulate to allow for a complex cable harness to be accurately modeled inside complex geometry, such as an electronic device, a piece of machinery, an automobile or an aircraft.  EMA3D Cable has been validated on several high-profile aerospace platforms and the results were published at major conferences.

EMA3D Cable has an advanced CAD preprocessor and GUI engine. The user never has to leave the environment for CAD development, property assignment or post processing. Meshing in EMA3D Cable is fast and never fails, even with imperfections in the CAD geometry. EMA3D Cable allows the user to quickly define the contents of the cable with a few clicks of the mouse. The simulation workflows are easy to learn and intuitive to the user. These combined features greatly reduce the analyst time to develop and simulate EMA3D Cable models.

EMA3D Cable is well-suited for simulations addressing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF), and lightning requirements early in the program before physical prototypes are complete. Users can specify realistic system signals as a source on cables or shields. The source may also be at the platform or environment level.

Using EMA3D Cable, customers can analyze:

EMA3D Cable’s FDTD approach is the only EM tool capable of capturing the detail of highly complex platforms such as entire aerospace, automotive, ship or energy systems down to individual electronics interfaces in a computationally accessible manner.

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