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EMA3D Direct Effects Simulation

EMA lightning direct effects consultants provide services in all aspects of lightning direct effects certification. EMA has extensive experience in lightning direct effects certification and is ready to provide solutions to achieve FAA-style certification.

Our comprehensive offering includes:

  • Design support early in program phases
  • Support for defining test coupons and subsystem tests
  • Simulation support of fuel system elements
  • Simulation of entire wings for 25.981 certification support
  • Certification authority validation test and simulation support
  • Test execution, and reporting
  • Custom material property measurement to ground modeling
  • Certification support and DER services

An important aspect of recent certification efforts is preventing fuel system ignition during lightning and other related environments, such as electrostatic discharge and power fault. Simulation tools are essential in the effort to validate the design.

EMA developed a computational framework that is tailored for wing and fuel cell modeling and has proven to be verifiable by comparison to experiment, to save cost, and to be a capability that is readily transferred to aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.

EMA has proven success with one of the first carbon fiber wing tanks in a Saab fighter jet, as described as example for all to follow in SAE ARP5415. More recently, EMA helped the Mitsubishi Regional Jet team achieve a fuel tank simulation with an astoundingly accurate comparison to testing.

EMA3D has proven successful in modeling the lightning response of individual fasteners, particularly when the lightning strike is to or near the fastener.

Our tools include the ability to include CFRP anisotropic conductivities within our models where appropriate.

EMA has developed and verified waveform scaling and parallelization of the computational engine that allow for acceleration of computation times by orders of magnitude.

Read the business case to see how this effort can save real money.

Put the EMA lightning indirect effects certification services team to work for you to resolve lightning direct effects problems before they become costly.

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A picture showing the damage caused by lightning strike on an aircraft

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