Ansys EMA3D Cable Design-to-Validation Workflow Webinar

July 2020

Installed Antenna Performance & RFI

June 2020

EMC Qualification Analysis of Electronic Units

May 2020

Using Simulation to Reduce Damage and Maximize Availability in Wind Turbine Applications

December 2019

HIRF & Lightning Certification for VTOL Airtaxi

November 2019

Existing and Emerging Challenges Facing Automotive EMC

April 2019

How to Get Your Aerospace Platform Certified for Lightning

March 2019

Fully Coupled Internal Spacecraft Charging Simulations with EMA3D-Internal

August 2018

Aircraft Certification

June 2018

Co-site Interference

April 2018

3D Simulation, Services, and Testing for Nuclear Effects Hardening of Critical Systems

December 2017

Comprehensive Space Plasma EMC Analysis Using a Single ModelĀ 

January & November 2017

Modeling Complex Cable Harnesses in EMA3D Simulations

July 2017

EMA3D Internal – A Comprehensive Platform for 3D Internal Spacecraft Charging

March 2017

E3 Tools – Dealing with Cables, Cavities, and Platform Antennas in a Practical Way

February 2017

Using EMA3D to Calculate Surface to Surface Discharge Transients

January 2017

Oversized Cavity Theory for RE/RS Assessment Up to 40GHz

October 2016

Space Plasma Discharge Transients from EMA3D

June 2016

Advanced Electromagnetic Modeling for Space Applications

April 2016

Advanced CAE Tools for Spacecraft Charging Analysis with NASCAP-2K

January 2016

Validation of Computational Electromagnetic Simulations to Support Aircraft Certification Projects for Direct and Indirect Effects of Lightning

November 2015