Call for Papers

EMA Expo 2024

Jan. 29- Feb. 2, 2024
Denver Marriott West
Golden, Colorado

EMA Expo 2024 aims to bring together experts looking for a venue to present a peer reviewed scholarly paper and those looking to learn more about the latest practices and technology.

Paper topics include but are not limited to:

  • HIRF and Lightning: 
    Papers focusing on the technology for designing, testing, and simulating aircraft and spacecraft for lightning, HIRF, and other related EM environmental effects.
  • Space Environmental Effects:
    Papers focusing on designing for radiation environments as well as testing and simulating those environments.
  • RF Interference: 
    Research on novel state-of-the-art ways to model RF systems and their compatibility on complex platforms.
  • EMI/EMC: 
    Research on what is being done to advance EMI/ EMC in product design and how a combination of simulation and testing is leading to more compatible products.

Areas of focus include but are not limited to aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, and heavy industry. Similar abstracts in related fields should still be submitted, as they will be considered.

Important Dates:

Abstract Deadline: August 4, 2023

Author Instructions:

All text must be double spaced with 12-point Arial font. Footnotes, bibliographic references, and long quotations may be singled spaced, but double spaced between entries. Each page must be labeled with a page number on the bottom or top of the page.

An abstract may not exceed 500 words and should include the following:  

  • Title (not included in word count)
  • Objective(s)
  • Background
  • Methods (research methods or innovation approach)
  • Results and Conclusions (research results or innovation impact)
  • References (optional, up to five; does not count towards word count)


Papers will be published to the public and must abide by authorship standards.

Authorship of paper should be limited to those individuals who have contributed in a meaningful way to its intellectual content. Speakers are responsible for crediting co-authors and references to ensure ethical standards in all publications which they will be listed as an author.

Abstracts do not have to be new publications.

Abstracts can be submitted by sending an email to