Co-site Interference

Webinar: Avoid Costly RF Cosite Interference Before It Becomes a Problem

Interference between RF devices is one of the biggest challenges in designing and maintaining commercial and defense systems. These systems include ships, airplanes, drones, cell phones, satellites, automobiles and generally, anything that has RF systems installed in or on it. The problem is complex for a number of reasons including the broadband nature of the interference, the lack of detailed performance data, introduction of intermodulation products when multiple systems interact with one another and a host of other reasons. Identifying and solving cosite interference issues early in a design is critical as discovering an interference problem right before bringing a product to market or after it has been put into service can cost millions of dollars to fix the problem and lost revenue. One only has to perform a web search for “cosite interference” to see a sample of the issues that have plagued military and commercial programs for decades. In this webinar, we will discuss the analysis capabilities and approach that EMA employs to predict and mitigate RF cosite interference problems for our customers.


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