EMA Participates in Ansys Simulation World 2021

Ansys Simulation World 2021 will be taking place on April 20-21st for AMER/EMEA and April 21-22nd for APAC.
Simulation World is an opportunity where participants can listen to keynotes from change-making leaders, expand their outlook with enticing breakout sessions, and receive Ansys expert-guided training – all for free!

At this year’s Simulation World, you can learn more about 5G connectivity, electrification, and digital transformation. There will be over 250 speakers and 225 sessions including two presentations given by EMA.

Tim McDonald, PhD, will be presenting on: Simulation of Full-Vehicle Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for Electrification and Autonomy.

Matt Miller will be presenting on: A Comprehensive Simulation Approach for Platform Level Integration of Antennas, RF Systems, and Cables Incorporating Measured RF System Data.

EMA will also have a virtual booth available for customers to ask questions and learn more about how EMA can support your organization!

Learn more about Simulation World here.