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Webinar: Dealing with cables, cavities and platform antennas in a PRACTICAL way

Presented by: Dr. Tim McDonald


EMC and E3 engineers have real challenges in dealing with cables, cavities and platform antennas in real electronics equipment, aircraft and vehicles.

It is reasonably easy to solve for a perfect cable illuminated by a perfect plane wave, but what about a real cable in a real enclosure. What about cable branching? One never wants to overdesign for lightning because it adds mass. However, how do you accurately predict the levels? Many have tried computer simulation tools, but dealing with cables and enclosure cavities is such a headache! Further, simulating antenna effects typically requires more detail about the antenna than the EMC engineer even has access to!

EMA3D┬« was created by EMC and E3 engineers for our everyday work. It can automatically simplify cables from the real CAD. You can simply put each pin at its real path by following the actual wiring diagram. EMA3D’s harness module includes a library of common cable parameters, such as transfer impedance and resistance, based on the wire gauge that is a result of real testing of Glenair and Alpha brand cable shields.

Our cavity tool from IDS can solve for the shielding of real cavities instantly by making assumptions about the seams and the losses. Further, our antenna tools from IDS can model antennas without having the full CAD of the antenna. You only need the gain patterns and related specifications, and the tool can generate a reasonable source.

EMA3D simulations of cables have been validated against testing for over 30 years. It has been part of the direct FAA certification basis since 1993 (The MD-90) and as recently as this year. There have been two transport category aircraft that received a type certificate from their airworthiness authority based on EMA3D simulations in the past two years. Our cavity tool and antenna tools from IDS has a similarly strong validation heritage.

In this webinar, we will discuss tools from EMA and IDS to deal with cables, cavities and platform antennas in a PRACTICAL way, with simplifications that are accurate but save you time and headaches.


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