EMA3D® 2020R1 Video Demonstration

The videos below will demonstrate the EMA3D® 2020R1 workflow for a high intensity radiated field (HIRF) simulation. This workflow includes setting up the problem space, assigning properties, defining probes, and basic post-processing. A fighter aircraft similar to an F-16 will be used to simulate this problem. The aircraft will be exposed to a plane wave of a Gaussian pulse to simulate multiple frequencies at once. This will allow the canopy shielding effectiveness and the coupling onto avionic cables to be predicted.

EMA3D® 2020R1 on ANSYS utilizes the product ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler as its geometry and GUI engine. The EMA3D 2020R1 on ANSYS product is currently available from EMA. Please contact the EMA Sales Representative for your respective region.

1. Geometry and structure of the aircraft model

2. Setting the computational problem domain

3. Creating a source plane wave to represent the incident HIRF field

4. Assign material properties

5. Specify the cable harness electrical wiring

6. Create probes for the current and voltage induced on the cables by the HIRF illumination

7. Create probes for the E-field inside the aircraft cavity

8. Mesh the geometry and prepare for simulation

9. Perform the EMA3D simulation

10. Post-process the results to see the statistical analysis of the field in the aircraft cavity

11. Post-process the voltage and current induced on the electrical wiring cable harnesses