25.981 Certification

EMA3D® for Aircraft Wing and Fuel System Lightning Analysis (14 CFR 25.981) Meeting the FAA AC 25.981 certification requirement for fuel ignition prevention can be daunting for aircraft designers. EMA®‘s approach using high fidelity analysis in conjunction with smaller scale verification by testing and measurement can provide an efficient, cost-effective and proven solution for meeting […]

This is a tool to determine the probability of catastrophic failure for an aircraft

Lightning Probability

By Tim McDonald It is sometimes important to know the probability of lightning and the probability of catastrophic failure for a given vehicle. This is especially true for programs outside of the usual FAA requirements, including space vehicles and experimental aircraft type certificate vehicle. This is a popular request to EMA®.  Please contact EMA® if […]

A picture showing the damage caused by lightning strike on an aircraft

Direct Effects

By Bryon Neufeld Most modern aircraft are constructed with composite materials because of their weight advantage over metals.  However, composite materials such as carbon fiber (CFC) are generally less conductive than metals such as aluminum.  Because of this, the potential for damage at lightning attachment points is usually higher on aircraft with composite surfaces than […]

Composite Bonding

This post will look at the joule heating on the fasteners at an example metal-carbon fiber interface to illustrate the importance of controlling this type of connection.