Antenna in a Resonant Cavity

This tutorial will demonstrate the EMA3D® workflow to determine the electric field present inside a cavity when there is an emitter (antenna) inside the same cavity. The full tutorial can be downloaded here. Videos that describe this tutorial are below. Note that the training document is always the most up-to-date version, so the videos may not match exactly. Defer to the training document if there are discrepancies.

This workflow includes setting up the problem space, assigning properties, defining probes, and basic post-processing. The box contains a wire antenna that is excited by the derivative of a Gaussian pulse to simulate multiple frequencies at once. This will allow the cavity electric field to be predicted as a function of frequency.

EMA3D® 2020R1 on ANSYS utilizes the product ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler as its geometry and GUI engine. The EMA3D® 2020R1 on ANSYS product is currently available from EMA®. Please contact the EMA® Sales Representative for your respective region.