HIRF Coupling to an Aircraft

This training instructs users through preparing a HIRF problem in the current Ansys EMC Plus (formerly EMA3D® Cable) workflow. A model of an F-16 Fighting Falcon has been prepared for this simulation. This preparation included model simplification and surface cleaning to ensure mesh is representative of the model, and cable simplification for the use of EMA3D®’s cable harness solver MHARNESS®.

The training document walks through step by step how to prepare the model for meshing, how to define and assign input parameters for the simulation, and the creation of Ansys EMC Plus probes for data collection from the simulation.  You can download the training document here. There is a video showing each step of the process at this location. Note that the training document is always the most up-to-date version, so the videos may not match exactly. Defer to the training document if there are discrepancies.