3D Simulation Software


EMA3D is a time-domain platform that excels at modeling coupling to cabling and systems for lightning, HIRF, EMC and space plasma environments. EMA3D is powered by CADfix CAE which automates simplification and meshing.

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MHARNESS is a one dimensional cable harness simulator that can stimulate coupling for multiple conductors, multiple branches, multiple shields and multiple harnesses. It can simulate cable cross-talk, cable EMI and coupling of lightning to cables. It can co-simulate with EMA3D or run standalone.

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EMA3D Internal

EMA3D Internal is an advanced tool for modeling internal dielectric charging of space materials. It can determine if materials on satellites and spacecraft are at risk for arcing. It also exports NASCAP-2K files for simulation. EMA3D Internal can be used for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) simulation of cables and surfaces.

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Consulting and Measurements

EMA3D Consulting Services

EMA consultations provide support in all aspects of EM effects and certification. Our team directly supports automotive, aerospace, defense and transportation customers to meet performance and mission requirements. Our expertise spans EMC, HIRF, lightning, RF cosite interference, antenna pattern distortion and RCS.

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EMA Measurement Services and our partners provide testing and measurement services to meet compliance and design requirements. We perform testing for civilian certification (DO-160), military certification (MIL-STD), antenna performance and characterization of systems to anchor models and propel research and development programs.

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News and Events

Antenna Placement Made Easy
Presentation at University of Naples
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Existing and Emerging Challenges Facing Automotive EMC Webinar
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How to Get Your Aerospace Platform Certified for Lightning
EMA Webinar Series, 3 April 2019 at 16:00 CET and 10:00 EDT
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Lightning Conference
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Spacecraft Charging Webinar
IEEE Spectrum Tech Insider Webinar
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Drone Interference
Designing Drones For Electromagnetic Environments
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Aircraft Certification Webinar
IEEE Tech Insider Webinar: Testing and Simulation to Achieve FAA Certification of Aircraft Fuel Tanks to Lightning
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Co-site Interference
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Nuclear Effects
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Webinar Series
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Celebrating 40 years of innovation and excellence

EMA Electro Magnetic Applications is celebrating 40 years of innovation and excellence in EM effects to promote safety and mission success

3D Simulation Training and Demos

Free videos and step-by-step instruction documents for using 3D simulation for EM effects and CAD to CAE processes.

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