Crosstalk Simulation

Cables that are co-bundled or routed near one another may induce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in one another through fields. This phenomenon is referred to as cable crosstalk EMI. EMA3D’s cable simulation tool, MHARNESS, is capable of performing simulations of crosstalk between conductors with arbitrary signals either in the same or in different harnesses. The demonstration […]

Model Simplification and Preparation for MHARNESS Co-simulation

  This tutorial is a step-by-step demonstration on how to prepare and perform a full aircraft simulation. We go through how to simplify CAD geometry of cable-packs down to lines to be used in MHARNESS, and the steps to prepare a model for a co-simulation with EMA3D and MHARNESS. MHARNESS is a transmission line solver […]

CADfix and EMA3D HIRF Training

  By Eric Miller Click Here to download training file. The Training can also be viewed below. The purpose of this training module is to build familiarity with the basic functions of CADfix and EMA3D. By building a very simple plane model, you will learn basic geometry creation and modification techniques. Due to the limited […]

Introduction to EMA3D and CADfix

By Eric Miller Click Here to download training files In aircraft development, significant resources are spent to ensure safety during a lightning strike. Experiments are very costly and it’s impossible to measure every interesting quantity at every location. With lightning simulations, a more complete data set can be taken (all field values can be known […]


Aircraft P-Static

By Anthony Supino Aircraft Precipitation static (Aircraft P-Static) is a term used to describe interfering noise resulting from the redistribution of charge on an operating aircraft. As an aircraft moves through the air, it acquires charge until sufficient voltage levels are reached to initiate a discharge. This discharge may occur between different parts of the […]

EMI from a Slot in a Box

By Cody Weber and Bryon Neufeld Benchmark Simulation Using EMA3D It is important to demonstrate that EM simulation packages can reproduce measured data for problems of interest. EMI from a slot is a common EMC concern. This demonstration compares an EMA3D simulation to an existing measurement in the literature. The electromagnetic interference (EMI) from a […]

DO-160 test setup

DO-160 Cable Susceptibility Test and Simulation

By Jennifer Kitaygorsky, PhD and Anthony Supino Click here to download the training data files In DO-160 chapter 22 (and sometimes chapter 20) testing, it is often advantageous to use simulation to help understand what is happening inside of cable shields and equipment. DO-160 test waveforms that are injected onto complex cable harnesses will induce currents and […]

CAD import + healing + simplification for EM analysis

An important part of working with actual CAD is being able to import the geometry to prepare for computer-engineering (CAE) and simulation. EMA3D uses CADfix in order to prepare for simulation. CADfix allows for automatic healing, defeaturing and simplification. Please view the training document below to practice using CADfix for CAD to CAE workflow. The […]

EMA3D Training

EMA is pleased to provide free training in EMA3D, MHARNESS, CADfix, and EMA3D for EMC. Please look at the demos below. In each case, EMA provides: A document that lists every individual step and discussion of each procedure Downloadable CAD geometry files so that you can repeat the exercise or extend to your specific application A video in […]

Leaders approach an aircraft

Lightning Initial Attachment for Zoning

By Jennifer Kitaygorsky This post describes the steps to perform lightning initial attachment for zoning. Lightning zoning for aircraft involves separating each aircraft outer surface area into a specific category based on its likelihood for lightning attachment, lightning sweep and lightning hang-on. The steps required are detailed s in SAE ARP 5414A: Aircraft Zoning. The task is divided into […]