Radiated Susceptibility Analysis

By Cody Weber

Radiated susceptibility analysis for electronics and avionics is an important aspect of electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) efforts.

The work involves:

  • Determining the environment or radiating emitter field levels. The source of emission may be external to the aircraft (HIRF/EMR) or from another known emitter on the platform.
  • Analysis or testing to determine how the fields couple to cables
  • Analysis or testing to determine how the fields couple directly inside electronics enclosures
  • Analysis or testing to determine if the electronics can continue to operate normally with the imposed fields

This training is intended to simulate how radiation from an antenna couples fields into enclosures and induces currents and voltages on internal elements. This analysis starts with a CAD drawing of the enclosure.

CADfix interface of EMA3D. Used here for Radiated Susceptibility Analysis

Demonstration of EMA3D interface for simulating  radiated susceptibility

Toward that end, EMA provides the following training example of how to properly model the field coupling into an electronics enclosure. This is a step-by-step guide on how to do the analysis in EMA3D with a written document, a video screencast and an example enclosure CAD file.

Download the instruction document and sample geometry here and view the video demonstration below:

EMA3D Avionics Training Instruction Document

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