2021 R2 EMA3D® Cable – Faster EMC Solving for Electronic Devices and Entire Vehicles Webinar


This webinar showcases how the new features in EMA3D® Cable (now Ansys EMC Plus) help you tackle Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) challenges including radiated emissions, radiated immunity, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and interference between systems integrated on a device or large platform.

Preview some of the new features:

  • Ability to import Ansys SIwave near fields for printed circuit boards (PCBs) into EMA3D® Cable models that contain enclosures, cables and other complex structures.
  • Frequency-dependent materials that allow for analysis of complex materials within electronics enclosures.
  • Thin material algorithm that accurately captures the shielding effects of a wide range of materials with minimal geometric manipulation.


Timothy McDonald is President of Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. where he has implemented new system-modeling approaches to simulate the interaction of systems and their electronics with electromagnetic environments in a shorter time, with more accuracy, and at a lower cost. He is a consultant to NASA DoD major primes for specialty engineering of critical systems, development of novel materials solutions to EMI/EMC problems, and in the execution of major programs that require verification to electromagnetic environmental effects.

Watch Webinar Recording: