Aircraft Certification Webinar

EMA and NIAR have aircraft certification services

Failure is truly not an option when it comes to FAA certification of passenger aircraft. The bar for acceptance of testing and simulation is incredibly high.

Would you like your engineering team to learn what it takes to execute testing and simulation at such a high level?

EMA recently presented the IEEE Tech Insider Webinar, “Testing and Simulation to Achieve FAA Certification of Aircraft Fuel Tanks to Lightning” with Billy Martin and Cody Weber. The full video is embedded below.

Picture of Billy MartinBilly Martin is the Director of the Environmental Test Labs at the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University. He is also a Designated Engineering Representative for the FAA in the area of electromagnetic environments, including EMI, HIRF, and lightning. Previously, Billy worked at Cessna Aircraft Company for 24 years, where he served as supervisor for the Electromagnetics Effects Group. He has been involved in leadership positions for every commercial aerospace EME committee since 1990, including serving as Chairman of the SAE AE-2 Lightning Committee for over 18 years.


Cody Weber HeadshotCody Weber is a Senior Scientist at EMA, where he has focused on using computational electromagnetics to assist in the design and certification efforts for a wide range of aerospace vehicles. He has developed numerous high complexity models for military, civilian, and specialty engineering applications simulated in lightning, HIRF, EMP, and EMI environments. Cody has served as Program Manager for many consultation efforts on certification programs for indirect effects of lightning and fuel tank ignition prevention.


If you are having problems watching the video, you can download it here.