Modeling Cables

Webinar: Modeling Complex Cable Harnesses in EMA3D® Simulations

Computation Electromagnetic (CEM) simulations play an ever increasing role in the analysis and support for aircraft and aerospace programs. CEM can be used to evaluate electromagnetic environmental effects as well as EMC/EMI system problems for design and certification support. This analysis not only can be used early in projects to investigate aircraft designs and assess the need for protections schemes but also to provide valuable results to aid in certification support. Both stages of simulation can provide significant program and cost benefits by evaluating a complete vehicle EM response, aiding test configurations or reducing the amount of required testing. In this webinar, a senior EM scientist will focus on the EMA3D approach to modeling complex cable harnesses in aircraft or aerospace platforms. Converting cable CAD and schematics in an entire aircraft to reasonable CEM model definitions can be a daunting task, but EMA3D has some updated cable modeling tools to improve development efficiency and cable parameter specification. The EMA3D cable modeling process will be reviewed along with some critical aspects of simulation required to achieve good correlations with experimental results.

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