Nuclear Effects

Webinar: 3D Simulation, Services and Testing for Nuclear Effects Hardening of Critical System

When: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 9:00 am
Mountain Standard Time (Denver, GMT-07:00)

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Many systems have requirements to electromagnetic pulse (EMP). EMA3D® is well-suited for simulation of high-altitude EMP (HEMP) and system-generated EMP (SGEMP) analyses. EMA has measurement experience that has validated many aspects of our software product on large aerospace platforms. Other general solvers are validated against textbooks or simple antennas. No other tool approaches our validation heritage compared to testing on entire aircraft and rockets.

The following figure shows example HEMP simulation of a sample rocket. EMA3D and MHARNESS® give accurate simulation of vehicle transients as well as that induced on the electronics pins.

Cable-SGEMP concerns the generation of EM transients inside of cables from interaction with incident photons. EMA3D-Internal allows for 3D Monte Carlo transport simulation of material interaction with photons. EMA has previous effort that resulted in a validation of transport codes compared to experiment.[1] This simulation tool allows for an E-field to be imposed on the carriers to analyze the enhancement of carrier collection due to voltages within the cable.

Surface-SGEMP concerns the generation of large EM transients from spacecraft surfaces’ interaction with photons that can couple through EM fields to interior cables. EMA3D-Internal allows for 3D Monte Carlo transport simulation of material interaction with photons. The electron trajectories are then characterized and converted into a source into EMA3D with MHARNESS. EMA3D can report:

  • Characterization of carrier trajectories near the surfaces of the vehicle
  • E- and H-field near and inside enclosures
  • Currents induced on all structures and cable shields
  • Pin transients for all interfaces (voltage and current)

[1] J. R. Elliott, T. Rudolph, P. M. McKenna, R. A. Perala, “Response of Cables to Direct Interactions with Photons” prepared for the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB) in Koblenz, German.