Guide to Using Simulations for HIRF Certification Activities Webinar


Cody Weber reviewed the HIRF guidance documents AC20-158 and ARP5583 to understand which activities are typically performed for HIRF compliance demonstration. The webinar also covered how computational electromagnetic (CEM) simulations with EMA3D® can support HIRF design and compliance activities when assessing LLSF and LLSC aircraft responses.



Cody Weber is a Principal Scientist and Co-Owner of Electro Magnetic Applications where he has been using computational electromagnetic (CEM) simulations to support design and certification activities across a wide range of commercial, military and space platforms. He has focused his analysis on lightning, HIRF, EMI/EMC and P-static evaluations that are required areas for electromagnetic effects compliance demonstration. He has been involved and led many validation efforts to characterize the relationship between simulation and test results. These efforts are an essential part of the certification process dedicated to understanding the aircraft response to electromagnetic environments.