Installed Antenna Performance & RFI Webinar


Radio Frequency (RF) systems represent one of the most critical technology areas today. Without RF systems, all types of vehicles cannot navigate, communication cannot occur, advanced weapons cannot hit their targets, and the world as we know it would grind to a halt. Given the extreme importance of RF systems, they must perform as intended in a wide variety of environments where unintentional and intentional signals may jam, degrade or spoof their intended performance. Further, the design or upgrade of new or existing platforms, networks and systems must ensure that their own RF systems do not degrade the performance of other RF systems on the same or nearby platforms due to interference. Such RF interference problems cost the military and commercial customers millions of dollars every year. These problems can be avoided and a great deal of money can be saved by analyzing new designs and proposed changes to existing systems as soon as possible. In this webinar, we will show how EMA and Dayton Granger provide customers with critical insight to the behavior of their RF components, which allows the customer to anticipate and avoid interference problems. Specifically, we will show how knowledge of the out-of-band performance of antennas, filters and RF systems (i.e., transmitters and receivers) allows for surgical mitigation of RF interference. This information provides customers of Dayton Granger with a distinct advantage when selecting and integrating RF components.

Speaker Bios:
Chris Maholm is the Director of Business Development and Engineering at Dayton Granger, a world leading manufacturer of aircraft antennas, lightning protection and static dischargers for over 75 years. Chris has been an antenna design engineer at Dayton Granger for over 33 years and has considerable experience with both commercial and military antennas. As Director of Engineering he has taken on the added responsibilities of Lightning Protection design and testing as well as modernizing the current line of Static Dischargers. He is a member of both the SAE AE-2 and EUROCAE WG-31 “Lightning Protection of Aircraft” teams and travels extensively across the world to introduce people to Dayton Granger and their products and services.

Matt Miller is a Principal Scientist II and one of the owners at Electro Magnetic Applications where he leads a group providing analysis services for radio frequency interference (RFI), installed antenna performance and radar signature prediction. Mr. Miller has 22 years of experience in electromagnetics. Mr. Miller worked for The Boeing Company from 1998-2001 as an Electromagnetic Effects (EME) engineer. From 2001-2005, Mr. Miller worked for SAIC-DEMACO as a Research Scientist. In 2005, Mr. Miller co-founded Delcross Technologies, LLC where he served as the President. Delcross developed commercial simulation tools for RF interference, installed antenna performance and radar signature prediction including the EMIT software for RFI problems and the Savant/SBR+ solver for simulating the installed performance of antennas mounted to electrically large structures. In 2015, ANSYS Inc. acquired essentially all of the assets of Delcross Technologies. Matt joined EMA in 2017. He has worked on numerous RFI analysis projects for military and commercial customers for air, space, land and sea platforms during his career.