Introducing the EMA3D® 2021 R2 Release!

EMA is excited to introduce the official EMA3D® 2021 R2 release!

Our EMA3D® Cable software has many distinguishing features that help it easily stand out from other programs. With the ease of use with this software people are able to use the Interface directly with Ansys SpaceClaim, utilize mechanical CAD directly with minimal cleaning or preparation, and prepare models of complex platforms and unit enclosures in a fraction of the time of other methods. EMA3D® Cable also has integrated workflows directly with Ansys SIwave and Ansys HFSS.

New for 2021 R2: Thin Material Algorithm with Magnetic Materials
This new feature will let you use thin material algorithms to approximate surfaces that are smaller than the mesh grids smallest dimension. These algorithms capture effects such as skin depth and the change in bulk conductivity with thickness. The new algorithm extends accuracy to magnetic materials and magnetically lossy materials.
Applications include:
• EMI absorbing films in electronics
• Shielding of steel magnetic fields in vehicles
Thin Material Algorithm with Magnetic Materials

New for 2021 R2: Frequency-Dependent Material Properties
This feature allows for user-specified permittivity and permeability as a function of frequency. An interactive curve-fitting toolbar has been added that will let users pass information to solvers. The example below shows the Magnetic Lossy Material.
Frequency-Dependent Material PropertiesFrequency Dependent Material Properties

New for 2021 R2: FDTD Sub-Grid Modeling
1.5 mm mesh and 3x sub-grid (.5 mm) has been added to the modeling process.
FDTD Sub-Grid Modeling

New for 2021 R2: FDTD with Solid Bodies
The solid bodies in FDTD complements the existing surface and line meshes. This feature also allows for effects of dielectric materials and lossy materials. Working with our mesh engine is fast, forgiving, and efficient for each simulation.
FDTD with Solid Bodies

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