Mitigating Electric Discharges with EMA3D® Charge Webinar


Electric discharges are the release and flow of charge in a medium such as a gas or a solid. In the consumer electronics industry, discharges may be caused by the buildup of static electricity or by short-circuits. In the high-voltage industry, electric fields are inherently high enough to lead to the breakdown of air or solids. In the aerospace industry, engineers must consider the charge buildup from precipitation, radiation effects during the lightning attachment process, or the dielectric charging due to dense radiation environments.

The lack of risk assessment and management of electric discharges has led to space mission failures and large-scale electronics recalls amounting to billions of dollars in losses. Standards to mitigate discharges have been put in place by numerous entities across industries. These standards may be hard to meet, and solutions to meet these standards at the design level are either non-existent, hard to use, or no-longer maintained.

Leveraging decades of experience, EMA® scientists developed a software solution to tackle these concerns in an efficient, end-to-end workflow integrated in Ansys SpaceClaim. From the CAD design to the visualization of results, EMA3D® Charge (now Ansys Charge Plus) lets engineers simulate internal charging, surface charging, radiation hardening, and ESDs in both air and solids.

Join us for this webinar where we will demonstrate the capabilities of EMA3D® Charge by presenting numerous applications across industries.


Kevin-Druis Merenda, PhD, graduated from Boston University (2013), MA, with a bachelor’s degree in astrophysics and mathematics, from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (2015), Switzerland, with a master’s degree in physics, and from Colorado School of Mines (2020), CO, with a doctoral degree in physics. Kevin joined EMA in 2020® to apply his background in atmospheric electricity and elementary particle physics to impactful industry projects. With involvement in large physics experiments such as the NA62 and LHCB experiments at CERN, or the Pierre Auger Cosmic-Ray Observatory, in Argentina, Kevin knows that every bit of efficiency is needed to achieve the imposed deadlines. Kevin developed strong communication skills by presenting at conferences and publishing journal articles on the study of transient luminous events induced by lightning. His knowledge of numerical methods, his approach to problem diagnostics, and his data analysis skills are directly applicable to consulting project involving EMA3D® Cable and EMA3D® Charge, the software products developed by EMA®.

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