Renaming EMA3D® to Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus

EMA is on the frontline of simulation innovation, and now the name of its products reflects what is possible.

EMA and technology partner Ansys are renaming EMA3D® Cable and EMA3D® Charge to better represent the powerful simulations our software solutions are capable of. This includes where and how they can be used.

EMA3D® Cable has been renamed to Ansys EMC Plus and EMA3D® Charge will now be known as Ansys Charge Plus. Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus will continue to be developed by EMA and sold through Ansys.

Ansys EMC Plus  

Ansys EMC Plus is a tool used for the evaluation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

“We relaunched Ansys EMC Plus to make it very clear that the tool is about more than just cables,” McDonald said. “We wanted to emphasize the electromagnetic compatibility aspect of the product.”

Ansys EMC Plus has the ability to assess EMC in subsystems like printed circuit boards (PCB), circuits, cabling, and enclosures of electronics.

“The goal is to be a very easy to use platform that can attack EMC at the component level, the device level, or the vehicle level,” McDonald said.

New Ansys EMC Plus features are currently in the works, including:

  • The ability to model PCBs and automatically import the details
  • Automatically assign the linear elements, resisters, capacitors, and inductors
  • Automatically assign the material properties to the boards

“That’s really enabling us to do full product EMC better,” McDonald said.

Fig. 1. Radiated emissions of a full vehicle in Ansys EMC Plus

Ansys Charge Plus

Ansys Charge Plus is a tool to work with electrofluid simulations of products. Some examples include spacecraft in space plasma, electrostatic discharge effects on electronics, or plasmas used in processing semiconductors for computer chips.

“It’s about more than just charge simulation, but actually it’s an electrofluid co-simulation tool that solves both types of physics but does so in a way that’s easy to use and intuitive for new users,” McDonald said.

Upcoming new features for Ansys Charge Plus include adding several new capabilities to address the semiconductor processing application.

“We’ve created a new continuous fluid solver that is solving the Navier-Stokes equation that augments the existing particle-in-cell, PIC, fluid code and the existing finite element method based electromagnetic solver.” McDonald said.

The new features for both Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus will be released in the second half of 2023.

Fig. 2. Full PIC results of a highly detailed plasma dynamic simulation

What does this mean for the customer?

For current customers, the only thing that is changing is the name. McDonald says that customers will continue to get support from Ansys, augmented by EMA’s team.

“We’ll stand behind you to support that products’ use, to support mentorship, or to do consulting services if needed,” McDonald said.

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