SERE Space Chamber Update

SERE Space Chamber Update

Testing in space is expensive and time consuming. When there is a chance to do in-space testing the data that can be collected is extremely limited. These limitations are the reason that EMA has begun the process of building its Space Environment and Radiation Effects (SERE) test facility. After the facility is built our goal is to be able to make space evaluations possible for customers through a complete test facility and modern simulation tools.

February 2021 Updates

EMA will be installing its high energy (100keV) electron flood gun at the end of March, with energies from 1-100keV (adjustable) at up to 100 microamps of current. Work has begun on its Secondary Electron Yield chamber, which makes use of a 20eV – 10keV pulsed electron source, a hemispherical grid retarding field analyzer (HGRFA), and custom picometers for sensitive and fast measurements.

EMA is finalizing the design of its tunable low energy flood guns (1-30keV energies with up to 2mA current) for production. Finally, they are also preparing to integrate the closed cycle cryocooler to chill the chamber sample plate – 200W cooling capacity at 80Kelvin.