Charging Webinar


Advanced CAE Tools for Spacecraft Charging Analysis with NASCAP-2K


Bryon Neufeld


EMA3D® includes advanced CAE tools for spacecraft charging analysis with NASCAP-2K. These tools allow the user to import native CAD (in almost any format) directly into the EMA3D platform to serve as the basis for their surface charging simulation, ensuring a detailed and accurate model. The user may also develop their model manually using powerful geometry development capabilities. The EMA3D platform enables the user to define and assign NASCAP-2K materials directly to sections of the model. There is no need to assign materials element-by-element within the NASCAP-2K environment, thereby reducing development time. The user can also easily control the mesh from within the EMA3D platform, including changing the mesh resolution and mesh algorithm. Finally, space charging results can be parsed with EMA3D or further simulated using EMA3D’s tools to propagate discharges to cables or antennas. We provide an example of the process from beginning to end.

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Full Webinar Presentation and Video