Greg Rigden


Gregory Rigden
Mr. Rigden joined the technical staff of EMA in June, 1985. Since that time, he has been involved in various endeavors involving numerical investigations, experimental/laboratory work, and the development of commercially available software products.

Numerical investigations pertain to the study of electromagnetic effects involving computer simulations of EM hazards (e.g. ESD, p-static, EMI/EMC, HIRF, lightning, NEMP, HPM) and the associated interaction with such complex structures as rockets, aircraft, shelters, ground vehicles, ships, antennas, equipment racks, equipment boxes, LRM’s, multilayered circuit boards, microchips, and individual electronic components. These studies have involved both linear and nonlinear phenomena as well as the incorporation of a variety of complex materials such as frequency dependent, magnetic, and full anisotropic substances.

Throughout these investigations Mr. Rigden has developed numerous numerical techniques and approaches. Many of these techniques have been combined into the user friendly commercially available software products called EMA3D and MHARNESS. Mr. Rigden is the principle developer of these software products. He has also developed numerous front end GUI tools to aid in preprocessing and problem definition. He has recently been involved in parallelizing the software product EMA3D.