Jennifer Kitaygorsky

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Jennifer Kitaygorsky, PhD
Jennifer Kitaygorsky received a B.S. in Physics from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2001, and a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester Electrical Engineering Department in 2008. As an undergraduate, she was a recipient of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) Fellowship. It was followed by a fellowship from the Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CFDR) Junior Scientist Program when Jennifer was attending the University of Rochester.

Jennifer specializes in validation and verification of EMA3D® and MHARNESS® , EMA’s computational electromagnetics codes, making use of her extensive experimental experience. She is also an expert in measuring electromagnetic properties of anisotropic composite materials and nanomaterials. In addition, Jennifer has consulted for major civilian and military aerospace prime integrators, as well as evaluated inductive interference coupling on railroad tracks from high voltage power lines. She has developed full-wave computational electromagnetic (CEM) simulation, converted CAD drawings to sophisticated numerical models, and performed measurements of RF shielding and EM properties of novel and mission-critical materials. Jennifer has been with EMA since 2008.

Recent Publications

2013 J. Kitaygorsky, C. Amburgey, J.R. Elliott, R. Fisher, R.A. Perala, “Parametric Evaluation of Absorption Losses and Comparison of Numerical Results to Boeing 707 Aircraft Experimental HIRF Results”, to appear in Ultra Wide-Band SP-10 book.

2013 Cody Weber, Jennifer Kitaygorsky, Gregory Rigden, Rodney A. Perala, Robert Fisher, “Evaluation of Complexity of Wire Harness Models in a HIRF Environment”, 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

2009 J. Kitaygrosky et al., “Modeling the Effects of Anisotropic Material Properties on Lightning-Induced Current Flow in Structures Containing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic”, 2009 International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity.