Aircraft P-Static

The best tool for this purpose is here: Ansys EMC Plus | Ansys Electronics Aircraft Precipitation static (Aircraft P-Static) is a term used to describe interfering noise resulting from the redistribution of charge on an operating aircraft. As an aircraft moves through the air, it acquires charge until sufficient voltage levels are reached to initiate […]

EMI from a Slot in a Box

By Cody Weber and Bryon Neufeld Benchmark Simulation Using EMA3D® It is important to demonstrate that EM simulation packages can reproduce measured data for problems of interest. EMI from a slot is a common EMC concern. This demonstration compares an EMA3D® simulation to an existing measurement in the literature. The electromagnetic interference (EMI) from a […]

EMA3D Training

EMA® is pleased to provide free training in EMA3D® and MHARNESS®. Please look at the demos below. In each case, EMA® provides: A document that lists every individual step and discussion of each procedure Downloadable CAD geometry files so that you can repeat the exercise or extend to your specific application A video in which an […]

Leaders approach an aircraft

Lightning Initial Attachment for Zoning

By Jennifer Kitaygorsky This post describes the steps to perform lightning initial attachment for zoning. Lightning zoning for aircraft involves separating each aircraft outer surface area into a specific category based on its likelihood for lightning attachment, lightning sweep and lightning hang-on. The steps required are detailed s in SAE ARP 5414A: Aircraft Zoning. The task is divided into […]

CADfix interface of EMA3D

Radiated Susceptibility Analysis

By Cody Weber Radiated susceptibility analysis for electronics and avionics is an important aspect of electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) efforts. The work involves: Determining the environment or radiating emitter field levels. The source of emission may be external to the aircraft (HIRF/EMR) or from another known emitter on the platform. Analysis […]