EMA UAV and Drone Experience


Top Left: SD-150, HeroSmall Tactical VTOL ,MTOW: 149 kg… Top Right: IA-12 Stark, Mini-class VTOL, MTOW: 12 kg… Bottom Left: IA-17 Manta, Low Altitude -Long Endurance, MTOW: 20 kg… Bottom Right: IA-3 Colibrì, Micro Multirotor, MTOW: 5 kg

Picture of an unmanned aerial vehicleuav-antenna-siting-simulation-model-side-view

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming an increasingly important part of the aerospace industry, with almost limitless potential for application in the private, military and government sectors.  In such a fast paced environment, getting a product to market quickly and cost effectively is crucial.

EMA’s experience with a wide array of winged and rotorcraft vehicles helps our clients navigate the challenges of electromagnetic environment effects certification and gives them a competitive advantage. EMA expertise includes HIRF, Lightning, and EMI/EMC.

EMA provides commercial software and consulting for any of your UAV or Drone electromagnetic needs:uav-antenna-siting-simulation-meshing-and-automatic-cleanup

  • HIRF
  • Lightning
  •  Drone/UAV Antenna Siting:
    • Cad Cleaning
    • Meshing
  • Full-wave analysis:
    • Current distribution
    • Pattern distortion
    • Radiated Susceptibility assessment
    • RCS (if needed)

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