EMC Plus and Charge Plus Quick Start Page

This page contains quick start information for EMC Plus and Charge Plus. These products are available exclusively from Ansys, Inc.

The products have major releases every six months. The major release installation download of the products is available from the Ansys Customer Portal. Both Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Charge Plus install from the same executable.

Patch Update Installers

EMA issues update patches for the products between major releases. The 2023 R2.0 version must be uninstalled before installing 2023 R2.2. If users want to install subsequent quick patches, they must have 2023 R2.2 installed first.

2023 R2.2 Update Download: Ansys_EMC_Plus_Ansys_Charge_Plus_2023R2.2.zip

Note, users should uninstall Ansys EMC Plus and Ansys Discovery before installing this update. It includes the Ansys Discovery 2023 R2 Service Pack 1, which is the reason the uninstallation is recommended.

EMC Plus 2023 R2 Linux Installer

There is a solver-only (no graphical interface) version of EMC Plus’s and Charge Plus’s FDTD solver available here: EMC_PLUS_Charge_Plus_2023R2_FDTD_Linux_solver_v7_5_11.tgz

The quick start presentation is below.

Check which version of EMC Plus or Charge Plus is installed

Check which version you have installed by navigating to the main Discovery settings menu, navigating to Add-Ins, and looking under “Description”

How to Access Support for EMC Plus and Charge Plus

Check with the Ansys Support Coordinator (ASC) at your company to identify who provides support for your location. Most likely it will be provided by Ansys directly. Regional contact options are listed here.

If supported via Ansys directly, submit a support request via the Ansys Customer Portal: support.ansys.com. If supported by an Ansys Channel Partner contact your channel partner directly.

Useful Tips: When inquiring about support, have your Ansys customer number ready in advance (learn how to retrieve your customer number here). Many useful training and instruction resources are available via the Knowledge Resource Search, found on the home page of the Ansys Customer Portal or via the Ansys Resource Center.

Summary of Fixes

2023 R2.1 and 2023 R2.2

  • EMA3DA-647  Fixed issue with non-linear plasma source is not written out correctly in charge.call
  • EMA3DA-791  CABLE – Fixed issue with artifacts when visualizing far field pattern probe  
  • EMA3DA-792  Charge – Fixed issue with Ionization Rates not exporting correctly
  • EMA3DA-794  Charge Fixed issue withcharge.energyloss.rates not being exported
  • EMA3DA-796  Charge – Fixed issue with Charge Reaction Rates incorrect export
  • EMA3DA-797  Charge – Fixed issue with sources export bug
  • EMA3DA-798  Charge – Fixed issue with fluid mass and charge not being added to charge.call (xz8fluid.mats)
  • EMA3DA-799  Charge – Fixed issue with running simulations from files
  • EMA3DA-801  GENERAL – Fixed issue with animation probe legacy save button is not saving GIF  
  • EMA3DA-803  EMC – Fixed issue with Custom Junction Tool Being Broken in 2023R2
  • EMA3DA-808  Licensing – Fixed issue with HPC Pack checkout
  • EMA3DA-810  Charge – Fixed issue with fluid initial conditions aren’t exported correctly
  • EMA3DA-813  Charge – Fixed issue with Deleted Object Error with Charge Environments
  • EMA3DA-816  Charge – Fixed issue with fluid materials being associated to materials, and not bodies
  • EMA3DA-724  CABLE – Fixed issue with Nexxim Issue Simulating Capacitors    
  • EMA3DA-764  CABLE – Fixed issue with SBC voltage source not being written to EMIN when you have a termination and a source on the same node  
  • EMA3DA-766  Fixed error thrown when moving geometry between components in the structure tree
  • EMA3DA-780  CABLE – Fixed issue with S-Parameter files are not being written correctly for thin wire (antenna) source    
  • EMA3DA-789  Artemis Meshing – Fixed issue with new meshes not being displayed.  
  • EMA3DA-790  Charge – Fixed issue with default plasma environments missing actual values  
  • EMA3DA-807  Fixed issue with select point option in conductor tool gone after making seam/joint.
  • EMA3DA-812  Charge – Fixed issue with vector boundary condition not exporting correctly.    
  • EMA3DA-817  CABLE – Modified thin wire probe location for better S-parameters simulation
  • EMA3DA-820  Fixed issue with wverbraid resistance value in UI and Inp file not matching  
  • EMA3DA-827  CABLE – Fixed issue with creating thin wire source from a new file that gave an S-paramater error  
  • EMA3DA-831  Fixed issue with version number tracking in MS Application properties    
  • EMA3DA-833  Fixed issue with Surface Charging Model not Exporting from an Error when Pressing Start and Mesh Not Connected in Previous Version  
  • EMA3DA-836  Implement Numerical Improvement to Nexxim Current Calculation  
  • EMA3DA-837  Fixed issue with Nexxim Filename Parsed Incorrectly In Fortran  
  • EMA3DA-840  CHARGE – Fixed issue with fluid bodies and electron properties written incorrectly  
  • EMA3DA-842  Fixed issue with Plot Window being too large on an AWS RDP session  
  • EMA3DA-843  Charge – Fixed issue with chassis number indexing off    
  • EMA3DA-844  Fixed issue with MeshElementValidity being saved fields causing serialization error