CADfix and EMA3D HIRF Training



By Eric Miller

Click Here to download training file. The Training can also be viewed below.

The purpose of this training module is to build familiarity with the basic functions of CADfix and EMA3D.
By building a very simple plane model, you will learn basic geometry creation and modification
techniques. Due to the limited nature of this training module, many CADfix techniques won’t be shown.
In later modules, more advanced techniques will be explored.

Almost everything in CADfix can be done using either a GUI (graphic user interface) or using a command
line input. In this training, both methods will be shown for the applicable steps. Often, beginning users
find the GUI easier than the command line. However, the command line can greatly increase efficiency
and more naturally lends itself to the creation of user-written macros.

Once the plane geometry is constructed, you will follow the steps to turn the CADfix model into an
EMA3D simulation. The process shown in this module is intentionally left basic to prevent tedium.

Note: This training was made using CADfix 10 SP2.0

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